About Us

We, Gareth and Jane, moved to Broadpark in 2005. The cottage was in need of more than a little TLC and it wasn't really big enough for us and our 3 children. So why did we buy it? This is a question we have asked ourselves many times and I blame the beautiful view which instantly drew me in.

We had grown weary of the business of East Devon and had hauled our 1976, 18 foot caravan and family to Stoke (near Hartland) and Shirwell near Barnstaple for short breaks. We explored the Bideford area and discovered Northam Burrows (the quieter, more reserved sister of Westward Ho!).

We were drawn by the unassuming beauty of the area which felt like 'real' Devon and so we set about making the house big enough for us all. We were determined to maintain the character of the cottage and negotiations - with and without cider - resulted in our lovely house, part of which we are proud to share with our guests today.

Exterior view
Rear gardens

Having knocked down and rebuilt the kitchen (and replacing all the plaster inside and out with lime based mortar and paint) as a 'warm up', Gareth then built the whole extension (almost) by himself. The slate floor in the breakfast room and exposed stone walls as well as the beautiful English oak flooring ensure there is the desired flow between the old and new.

By the time he had done all this our older children were leaving - so B&B seemed the ideal option for us - a longtime ex-nurse and an Advanced Craft carpenter.

We genuinely care about our local and wider environment which is why we have made our commitment to using free range/fair trade produce and sourcing locally.

Although I am a capable cook, Gareth is happiest in the kitchen and produces an excellent cooked breakfast as well as turning his hand to some bespoke carpentry whilst I'm more than happy front of house.

In our spare time we like to sing. Gareth plays the guitar and rides his early 80's Honda CB900 motorbike (not at the same time, although if anyone could...).

I am learning very slowly to play the violin and we also like good seasonal, locally sourced food, not too long walks and gardening (or should I say battling against slugs and clay soil!). History is my great passion, I'm especially interested in local history and the lives of ordinary Westcountry people in medieval times and am hoping to publish my first book in 2016.

Valley room

Enough about us, now we are looking forward to meeting you.